Year 2 Teacher in Essex

"These plates really do work! Using them at lunch, the children are keen to engage one another. I use them as a classroom resource, collecting groups of objects on the plate for younger children; and as a testing tool for older children where they can teach their partner using the dots and the table in
the centre if they get the answer wrong. Great for classroom and dining hall.’’

Rachel Johnson. Mail on Sunday

‘‘It’s so obvious! In order to avoid the sack for their failures on basic numeracy, head teachers should make their children eat off melamine times table plates. Can any school afford not to invest in this essential and  unbreakable tableware?’’

Head of London Pre-Prep

"I would highly recommend these plates to both families and schools... there cannot be a better way to learn your tables"

Head of Catholic Primary in Kent

"We have had a very positive experience with Times Tables Plates and I would recommend them to anyone looking to introduce learning into mealtimes in such a fun way. The children do not even realise they are learning. It really is a fantastic way to learn your times tables.’’

Special Needs school in Cumbria

"We think the Plates are great, for one they do not shatter easily, and secondly the children do enjoy seeing which times table they have got, and often will share their plate with a friend or adult next to them. They have commented on how easy the times tables are now that they have these plates; 'look my 11's are easy."

Jill, Reception Teacher in Sussex.

"The initial response was fabulous, but what I find more impressive is that, six months on, the children remain delighted with the plates and their characters... these plates have bought times tables to light... what an
ingenious learning tool, and the children don't even realise they're learning.

Head of Berkshire School

"General feedback on cups and plates – great. The children are always reading them and testing themselves."

A secret, fun, and very effective maths teacher at every meal?
This is what Times Table Plates provide for a cost of less than £2 per item.
Below are some wonderful comments made by schools that have taken them:

The Times

"Times Table Plates is a new way to learn tables, and a simple one. It’s a series of melamine plates, each of which contains a different times table to learn.
So why not eat and learn?’’

Head Teacher in Devon

’This is a great idea. Anything that turns a repetitive boring chore into something that children love, has to be worth trying.’’

Head of Primary in South Yorkshire

"We provided your plates and bowls for all our children and they were absolutely thrilled! As a result our waste food halved, and this has been sustained. The children enjoy clearing their plates to check the multiplication facts.  Moreover we are certain that the exposure to multiplication facts over lunch is having a positive impact on the children’s instant recall… It is very satisfying to listen to the children challenging each other over lunch… The transformation of lunchtime provision has had a significant impact on behaviour which has been judged as ‘outstanding’. Your multiplication crockery has really added to the quality we are aiming to provide.’’

The Daily Mail

"These adorable illustrated plates are a fun way to help your children learn their Times Tables’’